Our 5 Step Movement Management Process.

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1. Move Installation

  • Project proposal & scope
  • Set up project move team: IT, property and facilities management, key client representatives / move champions
  • Strategy workshops
  • Communications planning
  • Define move strategy with client

2. Project Design & Planning

  • Set up a move programme (working document) & define move sequence and dependencies
  • Move data sheets including location, name, equipment, IT, health and safety
  • Meeting with client represenatives / move champions
  • Storage management and audits
  • Storage reporting

3 Procurement

  • Procurement process of relocation and ffe services
  • Specialist relocations

4 Implementation / Physical Relocation

  • Pre move
  • Space plan sign off
  • Final move data sheet
  • Development of move packs
  • Storage reduction (‘dump your junk programme’)
  • Condition surveys
  • Labeling works
  • Site preparation & protection
  • Crate and material deliveries
  • Site access & security
  • Issue move scripts to relevant departments


  • Move communication packs issued to staff
  • Ready to move meetings
  • Coordination and management of move activities

Post move

  • Post move support team on site • Sign off by client representatives

5 Project Evaluation

  • Post move review with champions
  • Evaluation of relocation with client team

A little more about us

Jansen Project & Facilities Management was founded in 2008 by Yvonne Jansen;
a qualified and experienced Facilities Management consultant.